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Erick Artik@Sagamore Art Exhibit on 10/27

Miami Beach’s art hotel continues with tradition and proudly present their latest exhibit focusing on internationally known street art from Andy Warhol, Justin Bower, Erick Artik, Machiko Edmondson, Miaz Brothers, Yann Houri and many more. Enjoy yourself while you mix and mingle with other art enthusiasts. Join us on October 27th 6PM to 9PM for Live music and art tour The iconic and legendary Sagamore Hotel on Miami Beach led by Ronit Neuman, is committed to offering a multicultural platform that supports and builds partnerships with local and international organizations that work together to promote the growth of everything Art related. SagamoreIsArt presents an immersive experience of ambitious and innovative art programs coordinated by Sébastien Laboureau, Resident Art Advisor of the Sagamore Hotel.

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